About Us


FAAST Broadband is a Fiber and Wireless Broadband service provider established with the motto of providing a high-speed and stable internet connection to one and all. FAAST was founded in 2015 in Belagavi, Karnataka.

The definition of broadband services as simply a high-speed connection to the internet at home is fast changing. Customers today need speed and mobility to access content and information, easily and on-the-go.


Our dedicated team of network engineers and employees are adept at providing the highest level of service. When it comes to Wireless internet providers, we are second to none. We offer Fiber and Wireless Internet services, HotSpot services, Wi-Fi automation and Leased Line solutions for large institutions including Hospitals, Offices and educational institutions, to name a few.


FAAST Broadband is a Wi-Fi provider established with the aim of providing high-speed, highly reliable & cost-effective Wi-Fi Broadband internet to people who use the Internet for business or pleasure, from any location.


At FAAST Broadband, our aim is to have anyone and everyone connected to the internet at lightning speeds in a cost-effective way. We are committed to giving customers the best value for money, ensuring highest levels of quality and support services, that they truly deserve.


Welcome to FAAST Broadband.

Really FAAST Internet

No more wires- 100% Fiber and Wireless means quick and easy installation within minutes. What’s more, with a FAAST solution, you can add as many personal devices as you wish( Laptops, PCs, smartphones) to use the internet without the need for setting up additional infrastructure.

Robust Connectivity

Lightning fast, reliable connections, with minimal disruptions, are the hallmarks of our FAAST Fiber and wireless infrastructure.

Customized Plans – More Power to You

Not only are our connections FAAST but we have a package to suit every budget. Whether you are a business or a home user, you will find a package just perfect for your needs.

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